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Swint Styles is Tamekia Swint's brand. It exists to create works that inspire, motivate, and uplift people of every ethnicity to embrace their natural hair.   

It's been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. Tamekia's debut book from Swint Styles, LLC is "Your Hair is Your Crown." It is a delightful children's book about hair stages from birth to the older years. It is a beautifully illustrated, compelling page-turner that embraces multiculturalism in families and natural hair for kids. Order your copy today!

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Licensed Hair Braider & Educator

Founder, Styles 4 Kidz, NFP

As a young child, Tamekia Swint loved hair braiding. "I can remember when I first learned how to braid. My mom taught me, and I grew to be passionate about it and practiced constantly. I never expected that I'd end up pursuing it as a career and ultimately inspiring and creating a movement that would change lives. It's been an extraordinary ride!"

Your hair is so special that it makes you unique. No one's hair is the same color, length, or type. In general, you either grow up loving or hating your hair, impacting how you feel about yourself. We believe that your hair should be a part of your identity and life journey as it changes over the years, as seen in Tamekia's debut children's book, "Your Hair is Your Crown."

"Childhood is where we develop our identity, self-esteem, and self-image, and when you don't have a good view of yourself, it affects the decisions you make in life, and this is why I created Styles 4 Kidz. I wanted to start a haircare movement that leads kids into success and better choices by giving them positive images of what their hair could look like and how it makes them feel: confident!"

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Your hair is your crown because it makes you uniquely you!

Tamekia Swint

Tamekia's book was released on February 1, 2021! 

Get your copy today

A percentage of the profits will directly benefit the mission of Styles 4 Kidz.



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